Once Upon a December: Part 2

The ride from Alindahaw to Dipolog only took around 2.5 – 3 hours since we took the more direct and shorter route, and I suggest you do the same. It saved us around one hour of travel time. I have made a quick sketch on the map for reference.

When we got there, we checked in at GV Hotel. They have a big room with three beds, so we added extra beds for 2 persons, and there was still plenty of space left. The room is air-conditioned, with TV and comfort/bath room. They have hot and cold water shower but since we were on the 2nd floor, the water was slow to flow, so we opted for the timba. haha

After a quick transaction with the front desk, we left the hotel and rode straight to Rizal Shrine which was approximately a 25 minute drive with moderate traffic both on Dipolog and Dapitan. It was my second time to visit the National Hero’s exile place and so many things have changed. I’m glad they already have the steps cemented but it’s a shame that some trees were cut down. There’s no entrance fee but donations are welcome.

Our itinerary for the night was Gloria Fantasy Land. But since we still have time, we decided to have a look at Dakak Resort. It’s approx 20 minute ride from the shrine. When we got there, apparently they have increased the entrance fee to a thousand Php. Way back 7 years ago, the fee was Phph200, if I recall it correctly. So no, we didn’t the see the beach. But we took some quick pictures at the entrance.


Entrance Gate at Dakak Park Beach Resort.

Time to head back to the city. A short stop at the boulevard where another Rizal monument stood, then dinner.

The sun was already setting on sea horizon by the time we done at Kamayan ni Manay. Below’s a view of the setting sun just outside Manay’s.

Now it’s time to have fun at Gloria’s Fantasy Land! As of writing, tickets costs Php1000 each person, for unlimited ride on selected rides, depending on your ticket of choice. This might raise a few eyebrows but Gloria’s might be the closest thing next to Enchanted Kingdom when you’re residing at Mindanao, so I think it’s a fair price.

Aside from the rides, there’s a night show and parade every 7:00PM and 9:00PM, so make sure you catch it! I’ll give you some sneak peeks, but promise me you’ll see them yourself, okay?

And needless to say, our little kiddo did have fun, especially riding the carousel! HEAD’S UP: not all rides are for kids, some may need a guardian, or some don’t allow any kid at all. Make sure to ask which one’s are kid-friendly before you buy the tickets. For those who are brave and into exciting stuff, I suggest you try the Horror House, the 5D Cinema, the Galleon, and Go Kart (be warned, the line is long!!).

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