Once Upon a December: Part 1

December 26. It was decided to leave early but everyone woke up late, especially me! Haha Last night was Christmas Eve so nobody blamed anybody for the delay. And it wasn’t really a planned event, but more like spur of last night’s celebration.

It was around 10am when we left Tubod and arrived at Lake Wood by 3pm. (You may want refer to below map for our route.)


We went straight to Alindahaw Lakeview Resort but all rooms were already booked since it’s peak season, except for those which were good for 2 persons. To avoid this most inconvenient circumstance, I suggest you contact their front desk (0917 625 0204) before hand.

At a rate of Php2500 per room, it wasn’t really budget-friendly; additional beds cost Php460 each. Since we were a group of 5, it was ideal to get two rooms plus an extra bed on either one. But we’re on a tight budget so we only got one room and requested to have 2 additional beds. At his point, technically only four persons were checked in, so we paid another Php300 for an overnighter (our fifth person).

We got 2 complimentary breakfast and 2 towels; an extra bed comes with a complimentary breakfast but no towel. The room was great, small but complete with heater, TV, airconditioning, shower (hot and cold). But no water dispenser. I know it’s a shame but we brought our own water jug so it was no problems for us. On road trips like this, you should bring your own water supply. It’s very handy and you can simply refill it on the next town for the price of Php35 or so.

Back to the room, it was already infested by my mother and sis-in-law before I got the chance to take a pic. Our stuff were already all over place, so no picture inside but here’s the view outside the glass doors.

IMG_20160225_223554 (1)

The view is breath-taking! Just below our room is the infinity pool. Then beyond that the lake itself..


This was around late December so I feared  for a gloomy weather but I’m so glad the sky is cooperating. Now it’s time for some activities!


Kayaking costs Php200/hr while the aqua boat is at Php300/hr. We have a complimentary hour for kayaking and it was more than enough for the 5 of us, we just took turns with the kayak. The aqua boat was fully booked until 6pm so we planned to ride it early on the morrow. No complimentary tickets BTW, so we paid for the hour. Again, we took turns on riding the boat.

pixlr (1)

Those on the kayak are my dad and bro; the ladies on the aqua boat are my mom and sis-in-law with my nephew; and that’s me on the infinity pool. 🙂

2015-12-30 08.42.46 1Before we checked out we had one last boat ride to make. It was a tour around the lake which took around 1 hour. The price was Php1000 for the smaller motor boat (10 persons cap) and twice as much for the bigger one. And so happy am I for my parent’s socializing skills, because while me and my brother were riding the aqua boat they were able to discuss with another couple about the lake tour. Since the other group was also a family of five, it was perfect for the Php1k tour. The boat ride was fun, and since we were accompanied by a tour guide, it was educational as well! We saw wild ducks and several water lilies along the shore. It was smooth ride–no wind and no wave to rock our boat; the lake was so calm that it likens a huge mirror facing the the sky. If you can, and the weather is great, you SHOULD try it!

After the lake tour, we’re off to the road again…


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