Once Upon a December: Part 3

Today would be the last day of our trip, hence it should only be appropriate that we end it with the festive Christmas lights at Tangub City. This time, we took the longer route back, all the way around through the coastal towns. After all, there’s no need to rush since the Tangub park would not open, not until 6pm when it’s dark and you can appreciate the lights.

The thing that’s making me anxious though, is our accommodation tonight. We haven’t reserved or booked any hotels, so I’m really worried that we might not get any rooms tonight. And that would have been the case, but thankfully there was still a room available on a hostel somewhere on the far side city. I really suggest you book your accommodations ahead of time, or for unplanned getaway like ours, prepare to have several contingency plans.

Should you visit Tangub City, make sure you go see Hoyohoy Highland Park. It’s not that far, around 20 minute ride from the city, but you definitely need your own ride since it’s quite remote and there isn’t any jeepney or motorela bound there. In fact, some parts of the road is still under-construction, but I guess it should be done by mid-2016.

Upon reaching the peak, you’ll find yourself wowing because the view is simply spectacular! You have to pay for an entrance fee of Php50 but that is totally worth it! They also have a zip line for the adventurous but the crown of the park is the small, humble chapel at the summit. It’s made from rock and wood, and would shelter around 25 people, but the ambiance is relaxing–perfect for a quite retreat from all the week’s rush. Or you can simply sit on the grass under a shade and drink all the view to your heart’s content. This is the ideal place if you want to relax with your family. Check out our photo ops!

Before I forget, food is prohibited, so no picnic unfortunately. Thus make sure everybody’s tummy is full before heading towards this place, because there isn’t any resto or convenient store nearby, as of writing at least. Food aside, I could stay here all day, but we still have another activity to tick from our list.

Yup, it’s time to head back to the city and witness the Christmas Symbol Capital in its glory!

Entrance fee is Php20, a small price to pay for such a magnificent display of Filipino creativity! This year’s theme was countries around the world. Can you guess which one’s China? Korea? Finland? Oh I think Canada is pretty easy to spot!

You can also rent the tartanilla (kalesa in tagalog) to tour you around the compound, or you may opt to ride the train if you fancy a faster ride.

So that’s it! This year’s trip was the greatest yet, unplanned it may be. If you missed to read part 1 and part 2 of our trip, I have the links here and here. May you have a great Holiday vacation as well!


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