Boracay Escapade

Boracay. Awarded as the best island in the world from the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure on the year 2012. What better way to start one’s wandering?

We have booked this trip months ago and I was so excited that even with the boarding delays caused by the weather, I still found myself jumpy as ever. After more than an hour behind schedule, the plane left NAIA terminal 3 and landed at Kalibo International Airport at around 1AM. We slept on a dormitory just around the area and arranged with the lobby attendant for a hired van that would take us to Caticlan port tomorrow (HEAD’S UP! If you haven’t booked any transportation beforehand, I suggest you arrange for the same van to pick you back up from Caticlan to Kalibo).

Morning came and off we went. It took the van an hour and a half to reach the port, and from there, we are to ride a boat/ferry that would take us to Boracay Island. Before I forget, you have to pay a Terminal fee (Php100) and Environmental fee (Php75)! So please prepare spare change to avoid delay, and if you’re on a tour, make sure to check if all the fees are covered.

The ferry ride isn’t that long, around 20-30 minutes if the weather is permitting. When you get off the ferry and find the port not as impressive as you’ve imagined, don’t fret, because you’re just on the other side of Boracay. For our accommodation, we reserved two rooms at Patrick’s Home. The quarters are small, but they used that as an advantage and made the room look like a nook. :] It’s so cute, the ladies loved it!

After we unpacked, we headed for Station 2 to have brunch (breakfast + lunch), and what better place to fill and empty stomach than Mang Inasal? ohhhh 2 extra rice please! Haha! No chicken? How about seafood? Yes? There are several restos serving fish and crustaceans, fresh from the day’s catch. Just walk around and follow your nose!

seafood! nomnom!!

The  narrow streets of dmall were filled with stalls selling all kinds of stuff! From beach hat, sarong, bikinis to cool souvenirs and t-shirts! If you find the prices too high, don’t be shy to haggle. 🙂 And I suggest to have a look around first before buying anything, to find the best deals. Just be sure not to get lost!

On our way to Station 1, we met 2 persons who offered us activities at a very low price. It was an impromtu decision and no time was to  be wasted since it’s almost 3pm in the afternoon. Accompanied by Ate Tourguide (what I came to call her), we rode a motorella and rushed to Patrick’s Home to get changed.

Our first activity: Helmet Diving. Don’t worry first timers (it was my first time too) because there will be an orientation before the dive. And for those who can’t swim…well there’s no need to swim. You’re supposed to sink to the sea floor, silly! Haha Although the depth was only 3 meters due to low tide, the experience was still priceless! And we got to feed the fishes, by the way! Kewl!!

Next stop, Paragliding! At first I’m having second thoughts about this activity. Haha Looks a bit extreme for me but after seeing my friends gliding 40 meters above the sea, my fears got replaced by excitement! It was exciting and the view was breath-taking! Just make sure you don’t look down or your heart will skip more than a beat!

The descent was more thrilling; we were dipped to the sea before we were pulled and landed in the deck. SHARK!!! screamed my head, but I knew these parts aren’t shark-infested. Still having crazy ideas makes it more exciting!

Evening came and as the sun was setting, party lights along the beach started to lit up. I had mixed feelings—torn between the tranquility of the sea and the liveliness of the party on the beach. The feeling is indescribable. You have to experience it yourself!

It was well after dark when we finished dinner then took another round looking around because the stalls have a different facade this time.We found this place where the drinks are sold at an acceptable price (probably the cheapest in the beach). They have fire dancers that entertain us while we squat in the sand, having a good time. A fire dancer even came to our table and jested to burn me! “Ano gusto mo, paso o sunog??” Haha! After the final performance of the fire dancers, we left the place, and looked for some bar to dance the night out.

Did I say dance the night out? Well, we WALKED the night out! Haha If a bar is not too pricy, the dance floor is full. -_- and after reaching Astoria Boracay, the last resto in the beach, we decided to head home and sleep instead. It’s past 1:00 AM when I hit the bed, looking forward for the sunrise beach swimming that we planned.

And hello sunrise! It was already 8:30AM when everybody got up! Hahaha So much for sunrise swimming. We had lunch then headed straight for the beach afterwards. It was so sunny so I’m dying to take a dip!! The sand is so fine, the water crystal clear and the waves are not so big; everything is perfect!

Fine white sand and clear gentle waves. Perfect!

It was past sunset when we contacted the girls so that we could go back to Patrick’s, pack our things and catch the last ferry trip back to Caticlan. And yes, we have to pay the outrageous terminal fee again. -_-

When we reached Caticlan the van was already waiting for us. I slept the whole ride, and woke up when we reach the airport. Since we were on tipid-mode, we opted to sleep in the waiting area inside the terminal. Inside–that was the plan. But on a bitter stroke of luck, we can’t because we forgot to print our boarding passes. No choie but to sleep outside! huhu I am thankful for my gift of being-able-to-sleep-everywhere because it came in handy this time. I had an uncomfortable sleep, just sitting, but was able to get some z’s at least. By 7am, we were allowed to enter the boarding area and an hour later, our plane was speeding in the runway. Back to NAIA. Back to work. Back to reality.

But I’m definitely coming back!


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