Summer’s here

Sunshine peering through the window at half an hour past five in the morning. By six, it’s already as bright as midday. Yup, summer’s here.

Washed and hanged the laundry. Whoah, three hours later, and they’re already crisp and dry. Yup, summer’s here.

Took a bath. Moments after, already sweating like a pig. Yup, summer’s here.

Water dispenser already empty? But I just had it refilled five days ago! Yup! There’s no mistaking it, summer’s here.

Summer’s here, that’s all plain to see, so why are you still on that computer?

Come let’s go outside and have fun under the sun!!

Lady, you look ghostly pale, go have a good tan! 

Get up! Instead of dusts from that desk,

Gather sands from the beach instead.

Don’t surf the web. Go surfing on the beach!

It’s funner, I swear! Do I have to beseech?

So come, come, come!

Let’s have fun collecting shells, laughter, and sunburn, some.

Well now, I never thought I’d be able to pull that through. Haha! All this summer heat is making me a poet! Good thing it only comes once a year, and lasts just a few months. Otherwise, I’ll out-fame Shakespeare! *insert poetic laughter*

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Once Upon a December

Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember. And…let me stop you right there. No this is not the song from Anastasia but what you’re about to read happened once upon a December.

This year, we have decided to spend the Christmas break on a family vacation out of town. And I’d like to share our wonderful experience so that you might have an idea for your next getaway, and who knows maybe you want to try this with your family sometime in the future.

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