Silence – The Strix

Happy to present you another collaboration we created and this time the topic was Zigyasa’s choice: very excited our art-sister could rejoin us. Sarah stepped in for John again, thanks dear! and last but definitely not least: the lovely Jyotee, our guest-artist at this collab.

In the Netherlands we have a quote “Spreken is zilver, zwijgen is goud”, translated it is: “Speaking is silver, silence is golden”. Yes, there are times you should think twice before you speak and the way you talk to someone, is also something to think about. However,

I strongly believe – and I am certain The Strix does too – your voices are worthy to be heard!

One of the best ways to speak up, to communicate, to connect is via art: Poetry, Music, Stories, Thoughts, Paints, Sketches, et cetera.

Enjoy the voices of The Strix through our art…

~ Patty W.

~ from Mimosa Pudica


Shades of nothing

roll across waves of space

in darkness tempted

by stars’ growing grace

In silence, implosions

the quiet destruction

to begin anew in black

history writing, written

In the vacuum, eyes hear

in bright yellow sparks

fire roars in retinas

not one sound stirred

Save the sound of the soul…

it squirms, the speed of light

dances in silence

…in silence, free

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm

How do thine eyes weave numerous rhymes
Thine silence plus-es many worlds and words
Soulful and soothing like those wind chimes
Few blossom like springs others cut like swords

Me admit mine clue-less flaws and cowardice
You are a walking poetry, I am no poet
could thee not feel me and mine silent cries
You are the sea, I am a ship, sink and float

Noise-less me word-less thee and souls weep
Because you are not just the air I breath
Smiles of thine ignites shrine, more I creep
You are me, mine, besides and beneath

Dear mine, Let the silences burst into noises
Expectations will die, And love blooms like roses !!!

—-“A Shakespearian sonnet”—

~ Jyotee

~ from LifeIsAllAboutPain


Their legs hung over the edge of the cliff, teasing each other, giggling and throwing back their heads in laughter, the air cleansing their souls, and the echoes ringing in their ears, it was all so pure.

The birds were about to fly back to their nests, the air had become cooler, and the clouds were darkening, it was a beautiful dense blush in the skies. The sun had gone behind their backs, as it travelled to the other side of the globe, slowing time where they sat. They were quiet now. Their laughter still suspended in the air, a happy dusk, a metaphor poets would hardly use. But that was the magic of this moment. Looking out to the valley spread right below their legs, the wholeness and greatness of the expanse and depth of the mountains and valleys, the greens washed over with hues of the copper light from above, just described the emotions running through them.

Pure happiness.

Even now, when they were quiet, thinking of what they had said, the moments they had just shared, and how it all had come easily to them. How speaking did not matter now. How the silence talked between them. How it meant all that words could never explain. How it expressed feelings and connections no bond could meet. A sudden still in the fast-moving life, it was a break from all the stupid little things we bothered about. Their voices had slept, deep in their throats, and the ears could listen to this moment speaking to them. Urging them to stay where they were. And they stayed. Deep inside their hearts, they made a place for this silence, to live inside them forever. They ate up as much of this feeling as they could. They stored this silence inside them, so that they could seek for it when things were not right. They were happy, close, and overwhelmed. They were together. The silence bound them in a way words never could.

He looked up, eyes focused on her beautiful face. She smiled, feeling his eyes on her. When she looked at him her eyes were bright and soothing and wanting to drown in his deep ones. They smiled, and looked away again, at the life around them, at everything that moved around them. The clouds clearing away from the sky, the last bird flying high above their head, the little bees buzzing toward their combs, cutting faint lines in the quiet air, little animals running deep into their burrows and seeking slumber. The whole world seemed to be peacefully asleep, and yet they were here, with each other.

The moment never ended.
The bond never broke.
The understanding wordlessness remained between them.

~ Kashaf S.



My heart ached
As my eyes bled
Pain in my soul
Remain trapped
I stayed calm
My tears creamed hard
Melted all my sorrow
Traveling their way
From my cheeks to my toes
Are you too another ME?
Are you too gulping your own blood
For they silenced US
When we had words to speak
Sometimes I wonder
Why did they silence
you and me…

~Zigyasa K.

From MySestina


Expressions Crossing Continents

Expression Crossing Continents



Topic by Zigyasa

Featured Image by Sarah

Logo by AlpeJohn

New Year’s Resolution – The Strix

A whole new year ahead, for The Strix too, which means we will publish 24 compilations created by our core members. Some of us will be busy with achieving new year’s resolutions: for those occasions, we are grateful we can depend again on our art-friends.

Zigyasa and Kashaf weren’t able to join us this time (we missed you ladies!), fortunately our art-friend Manuel had time to step in. The topic is chosen this time by Alpe John, our core sketcher, who in addition regularly shares beautiful thoughts and stories.

A whole new year ahead for all us: continue the path we are walking on, or choosing a new one…Chasing old dreams, or new ones: whatever you do, make sure you enjoy every second of your life. The saying is true you know: life is short! Did you think last year passed by fast, I tell you, the older you get, the faster time will fly.

January is just halfway through, are you feeling overwhelmed already?


Beautiful pieces of my art-family below

Take it in…

Then continue sailing along life’s flow.

~ Patty W.

~ from DREAMPACK (Link to blog)



resolve to be.
resolve to only
resolve not to
seek perfection.
resolve only
resolve your worries.
resolve not to
hate yourself.
resolve to be
resolve to love
to live this today.
resolve to stay
out of tomorrow.
resolve to
not promise.
resolve to
let go.

And it will

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


To lose weight
To crate
To stop the hate
To walk straight

This and more goals to be attained
A new year that will not be stained?

To exercise
To stop the cries
To be wise
To break the ties

More and more into the list
Would it become mist?

To spend less
To lower the stress
To learn to say YES
To learn to express

Every single one can be achieved
Would you be deceived?

To stop smoking
To stop provokin
To be more open
To start reading the omen

So many resolutions
Issues? Perhaps, they all have a solution.
Let us see what we can do this year
Let us face it without fear.

~ Manuel O.



Thanks for all the good times 2016.

Hello 2017.

Yet another year has passed, and people all over the world are hopeful that this year would be a good one, if not better. We make plans and set goals, telling ourselves, “this year is the year I start saving”, or “I’m finally gonna start eating healthy”. The list goes on.

But isn’t this an all-too-familiar scene. Haven’t we said the same last year? Or the year before. What happened? What became of those goals when all the determination ran out and the excitement of the new year ran its course.

It’s not at all bad. At least the will to change is there. That’s good. But what’s not good is if the will is weak. If we easily give into temptation, then we just repeat the same cycle all over again.

So this year, I’m making things easier for my sake. My resolution this 2017 is to do more by doing less. Instead of doing it all in one year, I’m picking some realistic ones and pushing the “more ambitious” goals to 2018. Or maybe later this year, after accomplishing the rest.

I invite you to do the same. 🙂 Let’s have an amazing year!

~ AlpeJohn


Expressions Crossing Continents

Expressions Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

Winter Solstice – The Strix

December, January, February. In the Netherlands, winter arrives and stay for at least these three months. Maybe you dreaded this season, like I did. The temperature falls, the days get shorter, the nights longer and the sun seems to disappear, as if she wants to hide for this dark period, just like most of us wants to do.

I learned about Winter Solstice, a few years ago: each year manifesting around December 21. Here in the Northern Atmosphere, the days will lengthen again and although nature is mostly still asleep…the sun and moon will bring new light, new energy….
Nature, Mother Earth, showing us how to live: it is ok to slow down a bit during winter-time, recharge, take in the new light, absorb that new energy.

My dear art-family and two of our dear guest-art-friends did a marvelous job on a topic which became and is very important to me. This will be the last compilation of 2016, some of us will celebrate Christmas, we all say goodbye to the old year, welcome the new.
The Strix plus friends will also sleep for a while.
Recharge, taking in the new light, absorbing new energy.

So, set a fire, light candles, celebrate: feel the strengthening energy of Winter Solstice.
Enjoy winter, enjoy the pieces of art below:

Thank you for reading and the continuous support!

~ On behalf of the Strix,




when you reach year’s darkest point

that moment you may succumb

when you have set up home in blackness

where hibernation has taken heart hostage

just when you accept it

just when you are done

just when faith is lost

while you ponder all your losses

or fumble to make it out

lighting candles no more suffices

and frigidness takes hold of soul


for that zenith

the day of dark’s creeping retreat

the edging of the sun begins

to overtake its icy grip

keep your eyes on horizon

as nothing lasts forever

the universe always grows

and ever earth will turn, so

shift your gaze to heaven

there the fire will ever burn

~ Emily C.

~ from PoetGirlEm


The sun stood still!

A faint Christmas carol heard,

Laughter itself giggled through the air,

Darkness waiting in the monsters’ lair

The cherry lights were put up,

The snow was many feet deep,

A girl waited for the longest night, to weep.

Somewhere far, it was bright,

The sun shone right over head,

A man out there begged for some bread.

They jumped into pools and rivers,

They filled the longest day with the sand and sea,

And Walking toward the horizon, he set himself free!

~ Kashaf S.




“Winter Solstice”
~ Sarah



Winter Solstice; Let The Celebration Begin

A specific point in time;

The shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere,

The longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere,

Because equinoxes and solstices are opposite on opposite sides of the planet, so there is no crime.

It happens around the twentieth first of December,

Not September or November, so remember.

The second solstice of the year,

The date varies; alternative gears?

The sun stands still,

But is it at WILL?

Also called as “the day the sun turns around,”

The day it wears his crown.

The earth isn’t far from the sun,

But it is the first day of astronomical winter,

The one and only: the ONE.

For the North and South

An invisible splinter.

Earliest sunset not on the solstice,

But daylight hours increase faster in the North.

Are you ready to celebrate the winter solstice?

Come on!!! There are only two solstices in the year on earth,

Let us celebrate, together,

a new birth.

~ Manuel O.



Expressions Crossing Continents

Expressions Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

TRUST – The Strix

Something not bought,
But hard-earned.
Something not asked,
But freely given.

It is a gift,
Given when a stranger
Becomes a friend.
Free, but precious,

Please take care,
Of this fragile thing.
For it’s impossible to fix,
Once broken.

~ AlpeJohn




on the ledge
far jump
her faith, wobbly
her heart, numb
adrenaline flows
lifetime of woes
all have left her
no one to know
she built her own
strength, fight
comeback girl
wants to fly
just not sure
how to land
feather in hand
it floats
down to ground
distance darkened
by black matter pain
there was only
her light
she leapt
great heights
no one to catch her
just her own feet

~ Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm



When your world is burnt to ash,
When you are hit more than you can take,
When it’s a struggle to breathe,
When you are dying alive,
And you are one step away from eternal failure,

Remember, not all hope its lost,
For even ashes build up ruined cities,
You are but one man!
Trust yourself little phoenix,
For I’d trust you can
You shall spread your wings and rise above all
Leaving your past, a mere shadow,
For all you you can try….
Just trust yourself!

~ Kushal Gorti

~ from A Misled Writer


The weakest bonds,
The pain of the past, the fears,
Break the strongest ties,
The hesitation, the shaken belief,
A broken heart, the tired emotions,
The screaming head, the bursting tears,
The dreams, washed over with lies,
Is it too good to be true, doubts and frustration ,
A restless soul, never finding relief.
A life walking hand in hand with another,
Was now stranded, cold and empty,
But it continued with memories of firsts,
All alone, further on its journey,
Looking for pieces of its broken trust.

~ Kashaf S.



Trust each other, not a simple task
These days maybe too much to ask
How can we trust another human being
If misery is all we are seeing

Trusting yourself, your gut feeling
In our world that needs healing
Requires to take down your mask
To release vulnerability out of your flask

The ghost of the bottle we can be ourselves
If we sweep hatred from the shelves
Restoring hope and love is a must
We should
We need
To trust

~ Patty Wolters





Expression Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn



She wasn’t born a faerie;
she earned her wings
her own way.

Her imagination started early
just out of night’s skies
when the sun rose
the glittered light shone

Her magic coaxed forth
wings tickled, prickled
out of her strong back
fluttered to life, a surprise

Forest creatures came to life
the mushrooms spoke to her
the elves and gnomes
hiding ‘neath them
welcomed her home
for a pint of mulled cider
to warm her bones

But her magic
was already there;
she could see the elves
dance with the gnomes
hear the mushrooms
before the wings grew

because she believed

her world was already


~ Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm


Allow me to give you a glace of my native mythology…

Diwata. That is my mother tongue’s word for Fairy. Not unlike other lore, a diwata lives on deep and enchanted forests, away from the human civilization. We believe they are guardians of the forest and all the animals that live there.

In our mythology, a diwata is usually a shy entity. They avoid human contact, and can materialize or disappear at will. Or sometimes, they disguised themselves as birds, butterflies, or other animals.

A diwata is kind and helpful as well. There are stories of lost travelers, where in a diwata helped them get of out of the forest. And some, rescuing and protecting locals from a storm.

On the other hand, there are rumors of missing people as well–one of the speculations is that they were intentionally led astray by a playful diwata. And some scarier stories are being cursed by a diwata, mostly because they tried to harm the trees, or may be one of the beloved forest animals. Not that surprising really. They are the protectors after all.

But unlike the ones we see on movies, diwatas are not small creatures. On the contrary, they are of the same size as humans, with very human like features. Some believed they have very enchanting voices, that they use to lure humans that they fell in love with.

The most popular diwata probably is Maria Makiling. She’s supposed to live on Mount Makiling. The various peaks of the mountain are said to be the very image of her, lying on her side. Others diwatas are Maria Sinukuan and Maria Cacao, residing on Mt Arayat and Mt Lantoy, respectively. (You might be wondering why they have “Maria” in their names. In our dialect, maria means lady.)

~ AlpeJohn




~ Sarah



Fairies are known as mythological creatures, as old gods (Celtics), in some religions they are similar to angels and in the Netherlands, someone who is called a fairy is a kind loving person.
Did you know a Fairy is also a type of poetry?
It consists of eleven words, starting with one word building up to four and the last (eleventh) word should provide an answer for the poem overall.

And Me
Strangled tight forever
Overcoming all life challenges

~ Patty Wolters



Expression Crossing Continents



Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn

FIRE – The Strix

Did you know, if we humans hadn’t uncovered how to make a fire, we wouldn’t exist today? However, I strongly believe, if our ancestors didn’t possess a fire to even want to survive: a fire deep within to explore, to prosper, to follow their dreams…We wouldn’t be here either.
Do you still have that fire within? It’s in our genes, in our souls: feel it, embrace it and start glowing! Continue reading

Supernatural – The Strix

Starting where every haunted story starts. A dark room. I sat under the blanket, with my flash light on. The heat from the light made me sweat. Chills running down my spine, my eyes widened and stressed the eyelids to the level where they turned red. I had tears in my eyes. Something brushed through my blanket at my back. I screeched a tiny gasp. My heart beats running faster. I had done enough research, watched enough movies, heard enough stories for one night to be scared. So scared. I knew in the dark under my blanket, that something else was present here with me. I had done the experiment, everybody asked me not to. I played with Charlie. And Charlie was here. He said he was angry because I did not set him free after the experiment. I have no idea how I can hear him. He creeps under my blanket as if playing peek-a-boo. I sharply take in the air around me, and suddenly there is no air. My flash lights falls facing up on the bed, and I am blinded by the light. The next thing I know, I am playing with Charlie and I can see my body lying tangled with my blanket on the bed.

And I wait for my friends to join me soon. Continue reading