The Strix – REBORN


For days
she wandered
along the trails
in the woods
by life trials
she only knew
she was leaving
not from where
nor where to
following rolling twists
her destination moved
contorting her path
tangled by thorns
shadowed by death
and as she snaked her way
she morphed into decay
unrecognizable she changed
step by step, faded away
her lives shed, skin fled
years fell thudding
to the ground
she chose
to let them go

and slowly she rose
lighter, free
to the precipice
through branches scratches
the sun peeked,
the view steep
and she broke through
to the top,
reborn, resurrected
fresh form formed
from the death
of her lives before

and from now on,
from each step
grass, life, breath

Emily Clapper

~ from PoetGirlEm



It surrounded us from every side. We tried to fight, but there’s no escaping it.

Insatiable it was. Inch by inch it licked the ground until it was so close we can feel its heat.

It sustains life.

But how can it be so cruel and unforgiving at the same time?

We did or best, didn’t we? But I guess it was not enough. No use resisting now. All there’s left to do is to succumb to what fate has destined…

We embraced each other as the flames draw near. We’re going to die, that’s for certain now, but we’ll die holding each other. There’s solace in that, I guess. At least, nobody’s left behind…

First, it caught them. Then her. Then all of us together.
Everybody cried, but nobody screamed.
This is it… I watched as we were consumed and fell to the ground.
Looking back, it was a happy journey, I’m glad I took it.

“Hope is lost”.

Those were the last words that left my lips. I closed my eyes, ready to face the end.
And as I was about to give my last breath, I heard a voice.
It was so faint. Even fainter than a whisper.
But still it was audible.

“Is it?”

Suddenly I felt a peculiar warmth inside me. It was not the flames; it was something different.
I opened my eyes, and life surged back to my body, filling my bones, arms legs, and consciousness with that strange warmth. It was odd, but familiar at the same time.

It was hope!

My dearest companions were there too, not everyone, but I know they’ll be with us someday. Then we will be complete again. And somehow we were different.
REBORN from the flames, we were glowing, like ember but brighter. The fires that I thought was our deathbed, has instead birthed us new life. Even stronger than before.

Away bird of wisdom and soar new heights!




Desire to be born again

I need to wash away the dust in my eyes
It made my vision blurred
I couldn’t see the truth
I need to cleanse my thoughts of evil
My cravings, my desires
How greed filled me, empowered me
I need to run away from the shadows of the ghosts
Dark and dull filling in the air
I need the sun to swallow the clouds
That were cold, heartless & gloomy
Crawling their way to my heart
I need to wake up from the deep sleep
The sleep that’s turning me into what I am not
I just need to be free of all boundaries
No objections, no limitations for me
I just want to be pure like a child
I just desire to be born again

Zigyasa Kakkar

~ from Mysestina


Seed, plant, fruit, seed
Water, steam, rain, water
Sun, Day, Moon, Night
Circle of Life

Seed, egg, fruit
Baby, Child, Teenager
Adult, Senior, Death

Do you recognize that feeling during the day, you wish you could go back to bed and get up for a second time to start the day all over again? Maybe you even long for death, so you can start your whole life all over again. Thriving at the same energy as nature, death seems to be the end for (us) animals. Is it?

Can we only go on through the life of our children?
Is there life after death, a change to be reborn?

Maybe, maybe not.

Regardless what you believe, and many of us think we can, we can’t control the circle of life.
However, we can control how we thrive on natures energy. Not by ending it all, but by daring to change, to grasp chances right in front of you, to lean on another, to open up and by daring to be vulnerable.

We can reborn at any moment we want to.

Patty Wolters

~ from Kruidje-roer-me-niet



Expressions Crossing Continents


Featured Image and logo by AlpeJohn


2 thoughts on “The Strix – REBORN

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I love the poem you wrote about fire and being reborn, John. “It surrounded us from every side. We tried to fight, but there’s no escaping it.” I guess that is fire, or metaphorically speaking a dark cloud trying to engulf us in the challenging times of our lives. When flames surround us, we might feel we’re at the end. But maybe it’s just a test to see how strong we are.

    Really like your positive ending. What we think may wreck us can just be the thing that saved us. Sometimes we have to surrender what’s coming at us and trust that it will all work out in the end…and really, I think that is the way the world works 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • juandering.artist says:

      Hi Mabel! Oh thank you! 🙂 Now that I’m older, I see things in a different view. Back when I was still way younger, I used to think that problems are burdens, but now I see that they are an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

      Like metal is tempered by fire, we too are toughened by trials. 🙂 And yes, sometimes, only when we stop struggling, then we find the answers to our questions.

      Liked by 1 person

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