The Strix – Time Travel

“O ostium de tempus, exaudio ut mea vox. Patitur id anima ut transveho quod infinitus spatium de aevum. Ego iubeo vos, APERIO!!”


…gea de stellae ducit mea iter.

(“Oh gates of time, listen to my voice. Allow me this being to travel the infinite vastness of time.  I command you, OPEN!!”


…goddess of the stars guide my journey!)




Here and Now

Would you come with me, adventures to see
leave our now and anywhere else, just be?
Explore other times, you and me,
forget our present, for past and future,
dance on spacetime’s fabric of history?

If we could time travel, let’s fly back in time
to watch the pyramids being built in Egypt
spend a day in Pompeii before the big blast
we’d find twenties Paris in spring and dance
around fountains in the Tuileries, hand in hand

If we could steer ourselves anywhere else
in this vast world, let’s land in Thailand
before the tourists, explore pristine beaches
or float in Venice on a gondola, no rush…
before cameras, painting our memories on canvas

We could spend an hour in the Roman senate
watch the birth of democracy with our own eyes
behold the ruins before they became ruins,
stroll down the Via Appia, aqueducts rushing
overhead, lounge in a spa, grapes being fed…

Maybe we could fly to the future ahead,
watch humanity inevitably evolve instead
get a glimpse of life beyond our now
see how Earth fairs or fails
would we want to…or not?

But, if time travel meant
I would not be with you…
I would stay exactly
where I am

here and now,
…us two

By Emily Clapper from POETGIRLEM


To Reach Out To Those Days

To reach out to those days of innocence
Togetherness, as we shared those laughs
Not sitting in front of the TV screens
But while eating a meal delicious
To reach out to that sense of security
While we played in the community park
Hearty laughs, climbing up the trees
No criminal eyes staring for a kidnap
To reach out to the connection we built
Souls touching each other with affection
Not with the wire of internet modem
But by holding each other’s hands
To reach out to those days of long walks
While walking, when we talked our hearts
Wearing our old canvas shoes
We never missed the comfort of a car
To reach out to those days of health
No one knew of the word ‘depression’
No pills, no capsules, no supplements
Life was cherished, there wasn’t any stress
To reach out to those days so simple yet priceless
Luxury wasn’t anywhere close to us
Still, we lived our lives to the full
Yes, to reach out to those days Wonderful
We need, to travel back in time
Don’t we all sometimes
Crave for a Time Machine

By Zigyasa Kakkar from MYSESTINA


The Guest

As always, she sat there, writing. Something very intense and dark, the usual genre she wrote. She was so fierce in her thoughts, so quick with the pen and paper, engrossed enough to not notice the feather light wind that traced her hair. But soon, she was shadowed, by a large figure standing behind her. She turned around, seeing a creepily familiar face.

“Howdy?” the sound raised the hairs at the back of her neck.

“Do I know you?” She asked.

“No.” the uninvited guest answered.

“How did you get in? The doors are closed”

“Because you will be here, ten years from now.”

And then she knew that she was herself. It was like looking into the mirror, sure, a mirror in future. Was this a dream? She was scared, but did not want to be scared of herself. She gulped and the guest noticed.

Was I that afraid of myself? My future? “, the guest asked.

And yet again the irony pushed her to think. There was a long pause.

“I….” she was speechless.

You look so beautiful.”

You do too.

And she realized, yet again that she loved herself.

“How is it like to grow up, how is life going to be?”

“It will be just like you want it to be. Just be you. You’ll do great”

“Why are you here?” she was eager and still bent upon knowing about her future even if it was in a dream.

“To let you know that you are going to make it there, to the future.” The guest said, with a beautiful smile.

And considering what she was going through in present, that was all she wanted to hear. And that smile, was her motivation, even if it was a dream. That is IF it was a dream.



In its sweet time the music plays, the beats pick up,
Casting a spell it has you compel,
To enter the place you love. Inside your mind,
Where memories unwind and play before your eyes,
That stare blank, while you travel through time,
To that place, that moment, it takes you back there,
That memory, that time, that you hold so dear,
The words push you near, your heart beating to the,
Conducting hands of the clock, you walk,
Sitting still, and laugh without noise,
The music giving rise, to an orchestra of emotions,
That all play at once, overwhelming your senses,
In a good way, but sometimes bad, though,
This one makes you glad, you lived and laughed,
And cried, and now your tears are dried, while,
You’re sitting in your chair, lips forming a smile,
To take with you as the beats die down,
Those memories once again are bound,
Until the next song plays and takes you away.

By Michelle Joseph from PSYCHEDELICBAY


Travel through time, wouldn’t it be marvellous? Back to the past and restore errors, a quick peek into the future to find out, if we humans still exist in fifty years. No longer have to wait until your loved one, family member; colleague awakes in a different time zone.

However, making mistakes is important; without those mistakes we wouldn’t even know what we don’t want, wouldn’t know how we could improve. Collecting all the answers of the future through a time-travel; the (wonderful) process of inventing, researching, learning will be unnecessary. Let’s be honest, don’t you wish occasionally someone close to you to a different time zone? Plus, if you really want to be close to a loved one, family member or colleague; who or what is retaining you…truly?

“Nothing is impossible”

Unfortunately, with a snap of your fingers travel a few years forward or back in time, it isn’t possible. Time-travel is still a fantasy, although fantasy can be a wonderful method to travel through time.

Close your eyes, wherever you are standing, sitting, or lying down right now. Think of a loved one. Do you see the face? Do you hear the voice, the sparkling smile? Do you smell the scent of hair and skin? Do you feel the touch? Do you feel the loving energy?


Back in the present, in the moment.
Take that loving energy with you,
You travel.

By Patty Wolters from KRUIDJE-ROER-ME-NIET



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4 thoughts on “The Strix – Time Travel

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Time is such a complex and mysterious concept. There’s the future, past and the present, and it is the present that probably has the most meaning as per Emily’s poem that you shared. There is so much to learn in the present, by living in the moment – and if we do that, we write our own history and create our own future.

    It is an interesting artwork that you shared. I spy an hourglass, and a bit of a door in the distance. And reflections too. We are who we are in the present as we are in the past to some extent; as we move into the future, we take a piece of the past with us. Sorry for my ramblings, but it is a great topic you chose to share, John 🙂


    • juandering.artist says:

      Hello Mabel, thanks for the kind words! im glad you liked our latest entry 🙂 of our collaboration, this is my favorite artwork yet.
      Truly time is mysterious; it is the most constant thing on earth, but we often times perceive it differently–we sometimes feel that time is so fast, but sometimes too slow as well. But it is the same. A second has always been a second today, as it has been two millennia before, or two millennia hence.

      Liked by 1 person

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