One Lovely Blog Award

My first blog award!! Hooraaay! Thank you for the nomination, you crazy unicorn, Your Average Peahead! Haha. Guys, if you need crazy vibe, just follow the rainbow. You should be able to find her ‘coz she’s 30% unicorn, so she farts that colorful stuff.

Kidding aside, this is such a confidence booster. 🙂 Having started just recently, means that simple awards like this, or any positive feedback really matters. I must be on the right path, or doing something I can grow on. TBH, I never expected WordPress to be such a warm community; veteran writers are inspiring and helpful, whilst beginners are friendly and generous with their learnings.

So, the rules:

one lovely blog


Seven facts about me:

1. My dad was the first person ever to teach me to draw.

2. I remember my first drawing was a house, just a simple one: a square and a triangle on top. I was 4 or 5, then.

3. I’m a morning person.

4. I believe that if you’ve planned your weekend to do nothing, your friends should respect that. (doing nothing isn’t really doing nothing if you’ve planned it)

5. I watch cartoons.

6. Cockroaches don’t scare me..Beetles do.

7. I sing and dance in the bathroom.

..And oh, I’m psychic. I think. I hope.



18 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I am quite the opposite – I’m definitely not a morning person and if we ever had a sleepover or something like that, you’d can get up early and make me breakfast! 😀 I SO agree that it’s okay to do nothing on your weekend. Yes, doing nothing is also planning – that equates to relaxing 😀

    Thanks, John. You are very kind and I am humbled that you thought of me. I will put up a link to your blog on my Awards page shortly 🙂

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  2. kashafS says:

    Congratulations On your first award Nomination! Hey I am a beginner to, and seriously even I had no idea WordPress would be so much fun! Welcome to the beginners’ community! ❤


  3. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Many congratulations dear friend! This was quite an Intel towards you. I’d like to point out that i have sent you an email about a matter which i’d love to hear your thought from it. Do check your inbox dear one. – Cezane


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