White, furry, and long ears

Ever wonder what it’s like to be new? I guess all of us, at some point in our lives, must have been new somewhere—new at class, new in school, new at work, new in the neighborhood. Yeah sure, but being a species so diverse as ours, each handles those situations differently.

Those who are shy by nature, hands up and give me hug! No? High-five then! What, no as well? Ooohh, even here you guys are too shy too? Awwweee it’s no problem, I totally get you guys. Trust me I can relate, because I, myself, am anti-social selectively-social. Yeah, like I have to know the person before I socialize. But how can I know them if don’t socialize? I don’t know, it just happens, man! Some vibe or something. It’s a complicated process so please don’t make me explain!

Now for those gifted with high social skills, lucky you guys! Making friends is so natural to you, so you never knew how it feels to be like that shy rabbit. One request though, please don’t be too “over-friendly”, and don’t push us, rabbits—and shy, as we are—to introduce ourselves. We take that as a threat and make us hit the big emergency red button, and run towards safety!


Full image plus more drawings and sketches here!



6 thoughts on “White, furry, and long ears

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Being new. I can relate. Having moved jobs quite a few times over the last few years, I’ve always felt the need to learn new skills and get to know new people around me. The latter has always been challenging since I am an introvert! But being new is also a chance to meet new people and who knows what you can learn from them 🙂

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    • juandering.artist says:

      I totally agree with you Maybel! It’s hard to be new to a place, and it becomes even harder if we have to introduce ourselves to the group. I’d rather do it one by one, or small groups, but it can’t be helped to be introduced to a whole team! Whoaaah *wipes sweat on forehead*

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